An Ode to Innovation

At Princeton’s heart is a drive to imagine the unexpected. We are a community that never ceases to dream. Dreams drive us to contemplate what is possible. Dreams fuel innovation. Genius Country has spotlighted the local Innovators who have looked beyond what exists in order to reshape the ordinary. Their creativity reaches into the arts, sciences, the realm of faith, fashion, health and philanthropy.

You cannot watch the commercials during a favorite prime time program without realizing that our culture has developed an insatiable appetite for innovation. To feed our hunger for faster, smaller, and more integrated technologies, major corporations, start-ups and universities have redirected their priorities.  Princeton has made strides to support the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem that has emerged with the launch of Innovation Garden, Tigerlabs and the Keller Center’s eLabs incubator.  Yet the successes of the ideas and businesses birthed in the last year is just a small glimpse of the potential for tech and healthcare startups in our region. The rise of an idea-driven knowledge economy is transforming Princeton into a dynamic economic engine.

Princeton has united into one town. The elections have been decided and consolidation is underway; this merger will become a case study for the State of New Jersey.  Consolidation holds the promise of reducing roadblocks for in-town business expansion. The strong leadership of Princeton’s nonprofits, chronicled in our pages, show that our town can lead in the efforts to attract and retain talent. The Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce have demonstrated their support by making LEEEP, their sub-organization for emerging leaders, a top priority.  It is thrilling to witness the next generation of open-minded thinkers, who you will find daily at Small World Coffee, discussing transformational new ideas.

Genius Country has chronicled this year of discovery to assure entrepreneurs, business owners and risk-takers that they are not alone in their endeavors; that Princeton is along for the ride as a cheering, supportive audience.

Through our daily features, Genius Country has reached all 50 states and over 100 countries, giving a visual record of this monumental year in Princeton’s history, while placing a spotlight on just how impactful our residents (past and present) are in the world at large.

The Faces of Princeton remind us how deeply rooted our local leaders are in the community and open a window into their private lives. SHADES OF GENIUS  pictorially captures the vibrancy and panache of our traditions and memorable events.

There is so much left to unfold.  Yet with every smartphone having a camera that can instantly post to social media sites, we have no fear that the vital moments of Princeton’s history will continue to be captured for the world to share. This proves our initial hypothesis: Genius doesn’t fade just because we stopped watching.

An Ode to Innovation

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